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Giving the extreme sports genre a swift kick in the ass ¡K

BASINGSTOKE, England (April 11th 2006) - KOCH Media get down and dirty this summer with the release of CRUSTY DEMONS. Co-Published by DEEP SILVER and RED MILE ENTERTAINMENT, Crusty Demons offers players extreme freestyle moto-x stunt action on Sony PlayStation 2. Created by renowned UK development team CLIMAX, players can expect a highly enjoyable game with attitude.

CRUSTY DEMONS puts the extreme into "extreme sports." Fusing violent extreme sports gameplay with freeform tricking and stunt action, Crusty Demons provides a heady mix of high-octane mayhem and bone-breaking crashes. Paying homage to the crazy exploits of the internationally famous "Crusty Demons of Dirt" moto-x stunt team, the game recreates the over-the-top destruction of the Crusty Demons; encouraging the player to engineer spectacular crashes and inflict massive injuries on their in-game rider - all in the name of entertainment!

The Crusty Demons are a gang of bikers who tour the world performing outrageous bike stunts and participating in all manner of crazy skits with motorized vehicles. In a pact with the Devil, they are offered immortality - the ability to crash time and time again, yet still live to walk away - at the cost of signing over their souls. Only by winning the "damnation game" and entertaining Lucifer do they have a chance to win back their souls...


  • Featuring the world famous... Crusty Demons!!
  • Ride with the Crusty Demons of Dirt, world famous extreme riding stunt team. Fully licensed game featuring Seth Enslow, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Ronnie Faisst, Kenny "The Cowboy" Bartram, Dan Pastor

Tons of Stunt Moves!

  • Tons of tricks- Unlock over 100 cool trick moves to put together killer stunt combos
  • Don't Fail, Bail!
  • Score points by bailing and crashing your rider and get bonuses for breaking bones and smashing stuff in the game world. Pull off comedic poses and stunt moves during bails. Full rag-doll simulation on riders and in-game pedestrians during crashes and collisions delivering bloody, realistic crashes that are always unique.
  • DYI Stunt Crashes!
  • Replay your crashes with full control of camera and playback speed for DIY Crusty movie moments.

Mayhem on 2, 3 and 4 Wheels!

  • Ditch your dirt bike or street bike and drive 10 crazy vehicles including ice cream truck, lawn mower, ATV and mini bikes. There are over 30 varieties of vehicles to choose from.

Sandbox Gameplay!

  • 16 levels of gameplay in single player mode and 6 multiplayer levels.
  • Sandbox missions give players the freedom to play them in any order.
  • 4 game modes - Story, Freeride, Devil Rush, and Multiplayer - deliver a deep gameplay experience.
  • 7 international locations to trash - Texas, Arizona, New York, Cancun, Amsterdam, Rio and Tokyo

Published by DEEP SILVER and RED MILE ENTERTAINMENT and distributed exclusively by KOCH Media in Europe. Crusty Demons will be available summer 2006. Visit the official Crusty Demon¡¦s website at www.crusty.com

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