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OFFICE SURVIVORS - The Revenge of the Boss

JavArt is proud to present its latest release Office Survivors - The Revenge of the Boss. A straight forward platform game with an ironic and surrealistic eye on the grey world of corporations. Unleash your lowest instincts, kill the stress, not your boss.

Released in April 2006

Genre: action - platform

Workplace seems to be more and more chaotic and mad After a brain storming with the doctors of your corporation, the Powers above have decided to get rid of you: you've been assigned task F1R3d, an impossible mission.

Hiding behind the cubicles is not enough for your work surviving, not anymore You have to be good at moving through the corridors of your corporation trying to pass as much work as possible to someone else, cheating with your boss and dealing with crazy computers! Take off your suit, throw your tie away and unleash the warrior in you!

The task you've been assigned is vital and you risk to lose your job. Find all the documents you need to clear the task, room by room, floor after floor, before the meeting with the big Boss. On your way to the glory, managers always angry with you, crazy printers, unstoppable delivery boys, aggressive fire extinguishers, lethal vendor machines, and many other traps It's a high tech jungle, it's not easy to survive

You got no choice: task F1R3d or fired No sympathy for those who try to stop you, it's a fight for surviving!

About JavArt S.r.l.

JavArt is a leading global mobile developer in the wireless market, created with the aim to rebuild the concept of electronic gaming. Our catalogue is rich of top-rated games designed for a wide market range who thinks of mobile phone as the next generation gaming platform.

JavArt delivers a large catalogue of Java, Brew, I-mode, Flash and Symbian applications in-house created, designed and developed, fitting every mobile device.

Our contents are distributed within the global market through major mobile operators.

JavArt headquarter is based in Catania.
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