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SpirOps launches a "Starter Pack" to support challenging projects

SpirOps, developer of SpirOps AI, the decisional Artificial Intelligence middleware technology today announces the launch of its Starter Pack for Game Developers seeking publishers or founding.

Already used by several majors of the industry, SpirOps now focuses on small development teams in need for publishing and funding: SpirOps launches its new SpirOps AI starter pack, and thus making its technology available for developers currently in prototyping or pre-production phases.

A unique fee for unlimited seats and target platforms

While numerous developers in pre-production expect to maximize their project's value in order to find a publisher, most of them had to do it without a sexy and smart AI, due to time and budget constraints. SpirOps now offers them the possibility to get a license at $6 000/5 000 for unlimited seats and targeted platforms. Developers will then be allowed to switch to a full publishing license, as soon as they are funded.

"SpirOps AI brings life to your projects."

"Everyday we meet strongly motivated teams in prototyping phases with tight time and budget constraints. We wish to emphasis the originality and creativity of these projects through an offer where SpirOps shares the risks and reduces as much as possible the accession cost to SpirOps AI technology. Every developer can now create and valorize the A.I of their project with an A.I modeling tool already used in AAA titles."

Axel BUENDIA, CEO, SpirOps

About SpirOps AI

SpirOps AI is an Artificial Intelligence Middleware tool created for game developers. It is a behavior production tool, designed to help produce decisional AI for virtual creatures, cameras, dynamic music or physical character animations in your video games. SpirOps' users bring intelligent life to their games. SpirOps AI software is based on the Drive OrientedTM worldwide patented technology, SpirOps' exclusive, and relies on 7 years of R&D led by Axel BUENDIA, PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

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