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Disney Expands Toontown Online

Action-Packed Lawbot HQ Offers Challenging New Adventures

London - 25 April 2006
- The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) today announced the introduction of Lawbot Headquarters (HQ), the highly-anticipated expansion of Disney's (NYSE: DIS) Toontown Online, the critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for kids and families. Lawbot HQ has been designed for advanced players and delivers more challenges and enemies, including new stealth-based gameplay and an epic final battle.

Within Toontown, using personalised Toon avatars, players join forces to save Toontown from the robot Cogs - Bossbots, Lawbots, Cashbots, and Sellbots - who are attempting to turn the colourful world of Toontown into a dark metropolis of skyscrapers and businesses.

Toons can now team up to infiltrate the Cog legal system by making their way through a maze-like office building using stealth and secrecy to avoid detection. They will have to overcome various obstacles such as security guards, searchlights, crashing traps and more on their way to the courtroom of the Chief Justice. Toons will need to complete challenging puzzles to earn access to the courtroom where Toontown is facing an unfair trial. There they will have to use all their powers to tip the scales of justice in favour of Toontown while avoiding Cogs, traps and the Chief Justice himself.

"Toontown is a unique gaming experience in many respects," commented Attila Gazdag, managing director, the Walt Disney Internet Group, Europe. "Not only is the game widely recognised as fun and safe for children to play, it continues to evolve with exciting new features that bring additional challenges and environments added every few months at no extra cost."

Disney's Toontown Online is the first MMO game for kids and families. Anyone can try Toontown free for three days at Three subscription options are available (monthly, six-monthly and annually) and subscribers receive a welcome pack and a quarterly magazine*.

Lawbot HQ is the most recent expansion for Disney's Toontown Online following the introduction of the popular Kart Racing in September 2005. Unlike most MMO games, players of Toontown are not charged for expansions as they are included in the standard subscription fee. More information about Lawbot HQ is available at

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