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Wildlife Park 2: Gaming On The Wildside

BASINGSTOKE, England (April 7th 2006) - DEEP SILVER and B-ALIVE announce further details on their exciting animal management game; WILDLIFE PARK 2, releasing on PC CD-ROM. Players will indulge their creative skills in the management of a living and breathing wildlife park, overflowing with animal species of all kinds. Wildlife Park 2 stands out from the crowd with its lavish 3D graphics and highly realistic animal behaviour and interaction. Set for release 23rd JUNE 2006, Wildlife Park 2 is exclusively distributed by KOCH Media, priced at £29.99.

Take a trip on the 'wild side' with Wildlife Park 2, as players delve into a spectacular safari experience. In Wildlife Park 2, the animals are the stars of the show, through lifelike behaviour; they interact with the player, their fellow creatures, the landscape, their play apparatus and with the visitors to the park (don't feed the animals!!). Carefully modelled in 3D, their physical movements have been painstakingly recreated to provide the most realistic movement animations possible.

Wildlife Park 2 also demonstrates accurate water and weather effects, coupled with realistic plant types, growth and development. Using the full 3D game engine, water flows and collates in accordance with the landscapes topography. With a little bit of creative design; meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls can be created as players create their virtual safari. Plant life in Wildlife Park 2 covers the entire spectrum of plant species, from basic edible plants for animal food to special types of flora such as cactuses and orchids. Botanical fans can construct closed hothouses to nurture difficult species and long since extinct plants can be researched within special institutes. The games weather model can adapt for any scenario, from extreme sunshine on the African savannah, to deep snow in the Artic regions. The weather affects the behaviour of animals; thunderstorms will see animals panic and seek shelter as the lightning and rain strikes. Wildlife Park 2 a real visual and technical treat for everyone - not just animal and nature lovers.

Players take on the role of Park Director, ensuring that the park is a place where animals and people are well looked after. Not only will a careful eye be needed on the budget; players will also face the challenge of reconciling economy versus ecology. Market the park to the public to entice them to visit and spend money, so further funds can go into looking after the animals and protecting endangered species. Discover the 'circle of life' as players care for animals in their natural habitat, without any buildings and personnel. Animals will drink from natural waters, feed from plants and attack smaller prey, thereby learning about natural food chains.

Wildlife Park 2 encourages players to think, create and learn about the natural world around us.

For more information on WILDLIFE PARK 2 please visit www.wildlifepark2.com




PRICE: £29.99

RELEASE: 23rd JUNE 2006


Play 20 scenarios from around the world

More than 50 different animal species from mammals through reptiles and birds to sea creatures

30 plant species with many food plants and pretty underwater flora

More than 100 animal houses, visitor facilities, staff buildings, decorative park elements, and enclosure equipment

Direct interaction with the animals - stroking, feeding, rousing, etc.

Realistic animal behaviour with individual social and sex lives, birth and aging, aggression and trainability

Rebreeding of exotic and extinct animal and plant species in special research labs

Intricate water simulation with simulated water dispersion and accumulation

Bridge systems, underwater tunnels and jeeps for real safari adventures close to the animals

Visitor mode - players can take on the perspective of a visitor and walk or drive through the park

Photo album for the organisation of pictures taken in the park

Intuitive interface (real 2-click hierarchy)

Encyclopaedia with lots of useful information about the animals and plants

Impressive atmosphere supported by realistic sounds and thematic musical backgrounds

Park management, including advertising and marketing measures for luring more visitors


Deep Silver is KOCH Media's premium games label. Deep Silver has been collaborating with international developers and publishers since 2002 to publish creative and innovative computer and video games. The multi-award-winning X2 and the daring Singles have already put Deep Silver at the top of the charts. Pipeline projects include co-publishing titles with Sunflowers (ANNO 1701, ParaWorld) and JoWooD (SpellForce 2, Gothic 3, etc). www.deepsilver.com


B-Alive, the creators of the Wildlife Park franchise, was founded by the directors of the former Novatrix GmbH, Matthias Koranda and Arndt Schlichtig. Their focus lies on developing building and life simulations with premium content and of outstanding technical quality. Located in Germany, B-Alive has successfully been publishing entertainment software for five years. With the add-on "Wild Creatures", B-Alive finished their first project under the new label.

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