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Carriers should work with fewer publishers - Glu CEO

Ballard says emphasis should be on quality, not quantity

Following the announcement that Glu Mobile has acquired iFone, Glu CEO Greg Ballard has told that carriers should work with fewer publishers in a bid to promote quantity over quality.

In an exclusive interview, Ballard said: "I think it's actually gotten better, but I do still think that in the US especially, there will have to be fewer titles ultimately on the decks in order to have consumers experience a higher quality of game overall."

"It's not anybody's fault; it's just the natural evolution of the system."

Although Ballard declined to lay the blame for the quality-quantity ratio with any particular sector of the industry, he did have some suggestions as to how the situation could be improved: "I think the carriers could help by having fewer publishers that they support, and the publishers could help by putting out higher quality products."

"But at the end of the day it's a free market system that has to evolve, and it's going to evolve, I think, in the right way."

Glu recently announced its acquisition of Manchester-based iFone, which Ballard believes will secure the company's foothold as the second biggest player in the mobile gaming market. To learn more about the deal, read the rest of the interview over on

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