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OrangePixel releases Rocket boy!

RocketBoy continues the line of OneThumb games that OrangePixel started with their casual game Toddlers. In RocketBoy the limits of OneThumb/OneTouch gaming are slightly extended with a more action packed game, however the easy OneThumb controls and gameplay remain.

The game features a new hero, scheduled for more game appearances, and the gameplay is addictive and simple. You controll the thrust of RocketBoy's rocket boots. Pressing the 5 will use the burner, the longer your press the higher you go.. however your task is to actually descent to the bottom of the shaft.

On your way down you will find various hazards like laserbeams, flying creatures, zooming creatures, pinball bouncers, etc.

The colorfull and simple game mechanics make this OneThumb game very easy to be picked up by casual gamers, and the ever increasing challenge should provide enough fun for the more hard core gamers around.

The game uses the gamers network to keep track of daily, weekly and alltime highscores.

RocketBoy! is available from the online gaming service and will be distributed to various operator, portals and wap sites around the world.

About OrangePixel

Orange Pixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing games for the mobile market. With a fast development cycle of about 10 to 12 games a year it has established itself as a solid development company with a network of distribution partners to distribute their games world wide.

Next to this core business of game design and development, OrangePixel started the free service for both players and developers to lift online mobile gaming to a higher platform.

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