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Did EA's CFO reveal the install base for Xbox One?

Blake Jorgensen quotes figure of 55m for combined current gen

During a financial call yesterday, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen may have revealed privileged information from which the install-base of the Xbox One can be deducted, quoting a figure of 55 million units as the number of current-gen consoles currently in the hands of consumers.

Because Sony has openly said that it has sold through nearly 36 million PlayStation 4 units, it doesn't take much to work out that this leaves around 19 million Xbox Ones in homes around the world, just over half the number of PS4.

Microsoft, conveniently, decided to stop reporting on absolute numbers of consoles in the wild, instead shifting focus to the number of active LIVE or Windows 10 accounts. However, some analysis by Mary Jo Foley estimates that, of the 200 million live Windows 10 accounts, 18 million are Xbox Ones - a figure she says came from a trusted source and one which is seemingly corroborated by Jorgensen's slip.

If the figures are correct, it certainly puts Microsoft at a significant disadvantage to Sony, but would also represent a tremendous state of health for the console business overall, putting the Xbox One well ahead of the sales curve for the 360 at this point in its life span.

Microsoft has been contacted for confirmation, but had not replied at the time of writing.