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Psychonauts 2 hits Fig funding goal

Beats $3.3m goal, $1.7m from investors

Psychonauts 2 has passed its funding goal on new platform Fig with five days spare. So far the project has raised $3,324,498 with $1.7 million coming from investors.

"We're so grateful to our backers for giving us this chance to continue the story of Raz and the Psychonauts. Knowing that they will be able to participate as investors in the game makes the whole thing feel more fair and more rewarding," said Tim Schafer, President and CEO, Double Fine Productions. Schafer is also on the advisory board for the Fig funding platform.

The funding campaign is set to close on January 12, so expect to see the total rise before then.

"The Psychonauts 2 campaign is the first video game crowdfunding campaign to allow unaccredited individuals to invest in the development and publishing of a video game and share in the earnings. This is the first of many campaigns that will allow everyone to financially share in a game, making it a true community experience," added Justin Bailey, CEO of Fig and former Double Fine CEO. spoke to Bailey in November when it announced that Psychonauts 2 would be the first Fig project to allow unaccredited investors.

"Our focus has always been unaccredited investment. It's always been about fans being able to invest in those projects. The reality of this thing, and what we've always wanted to do, is we just wanted to make it so fans could invest in the videogame projects they support," he said.

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