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22cans makes changes to Godus Wars following DLC complaints

"The extra content being a premium add on really isn't a popular choice"

Peter Molyneux's 22cans launched a new Godus add-on yesterday, Godus Wars, but it's already had to remove one of the microtransactions within the game after customers complained.

The RTS add-on for the game was free to Godus Kickstarter backers but $14.99 for everyone else, a total that included the original Godus and Godus Wars. Users quickly discovered that in-game they were then asked for a further $4.99 to unlock a new continent. They were not pleased, and the game now has a "mostly negative" rating on Steam.

Today 22cans CEO Simon Phillips announced the company was removing that microtransaction.

"It's been brought to our attention that the extra content being a premium add on really isn't a popular choice," he wrote on Steam.

"Whilst we think that it does represent good value, especially considering that Godus Wars has been delivered as a free update to hundreds of thousands of users and the lower purchase price of the main game we understand previous Godus owners frustrations with this. Therefore, based on your feedback, the extra content will be available to all free-of-charge."

22cans has had a troubled relationship with its fans. After raising almost $800,000 in funding back at the end of 2012 many supporters felt as though the game did not deliver on its original promises, even as the 22cans team moved on to new projects.

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