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Rami Ismail named as Indie Day Keynote for Develop: Brighton

Vlambeer founder heads up Thursday's Indie speakers

Rami Ismail has been named as the keynote speaker for the return of the IndieDev Day at this year's Develop Brighton. Ismail will lead the agenda at a full program of indie-focused presentations on Thursday July 16, the last day of the event.

"The success of Vlambeer could arguably be enough for Ismail to claim the Keynote spot," said a statement from organisers Tandem. "But when coupled with his strong views on the future of development around the world, the support of the industry by governments and corporations and even the behaviour of some within the games playing community - Rami Ismail is the perfect choice to start the Indie Dev Day at the conference this year; giving a powerful voice to the challenges, concerns and hopes of Indie developers all around the world today."

Joining Ismail on the program will Jennifer Schneidereit from Nyamyam; Ana Ribeiro of Pixel Ripped; Lewis Denby of Beefjack; Simon Roth from Machine Studios; Andrea Chandler, Total Monkery; John Marshall, Sock Thuggery and Mudvark's Dan Da Rocha. Super Early bird tickets, offering a 30 per cent discount, are available from the event's website until April 29.

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