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DeNA: We want Nintendo titles to surpass $25m a month

CEO talks targets for Nintendo mobile alliance

In a new interview DeNA's CEO Isao Moriyasu has revealed his expectations for the Nintendo deal the company recently signed, and they come in at over $25 million a month.

"We haven't talked to Nintendo about targets, but at DeNA, our best-selling game brought in 3 billion yen a month, and we want to surpass that," he told Reuters

"We want to create games that will be played by hundreds of millions of people. We want to create multiple hit games rather than aiming to succeed with just one powerful IP element."

The best-selling game he refers to is Kaito Royale. This mega-hit is based around a crime ring and has its own spin-off TV series starring model and actor Matsuzaka Tori.

DeNA and Nintendo announced the deal last month and makes Nintendo IP available for mobile development. Existing titles won't be ported but, "all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance."

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