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Rovio awarded $2.7 million in copyright case

Toy Amazon Corporation ordered to pay up after failing to attend the court hearing

Correction: This article originally stated that Rovio was awarded $4.2 million. The correct amount was $2.7 million, and changes have been made to reflect that.

Rovio has been awarded more than $4 million as part of a copyright case in which the defendant, Toy Amazon Corporation, failed to appear in court.

The suit was filed in September last year, when it also involved a company called Allstar Vending Inc. Both Toy Amazon Corporation and Allstar were accused of promoting and selling products based on Rovio's copyrights and trademarks - specifically those for Angry Birds - in its coin-operated vending machines.

Allstar settled with Rovio, but, according to New York district court documents, Toy Amazon Corporation remained uncommunicative throughout the process. This culminated in its failure to appear in court on the scheduled hearing date of March 12, 2015.

However, Rovio was able to provide enough evidence of the violations for the court to make a default judgement, awarding $1.2 million for copyright infringement and $1.5 million for trademark infringement. It also issued a permanent injunction against Toy Amazon Corporation.

Thanks Bloomberg.

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