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Square Enix Collective expands to direct investment

Publisher offers alternative to crowd-funding for indie teams

The Square Enix Collective project, which launched formally last April, has expanded its remit by offering direct investment to indie teams in addition to the crowdfunding platform which it has focused on so far.

The project previously aimed to help small teams to get to market by offering marketing and consultation experience as well as the leverage of exposure during crowdfunding, as well as opening the considerable IP back catalogues of Square Enix and Eidos for pitches. Now, direct injections of up to $250,000 can be applied for as an alternative to crowdfunding.

"Since launching a year ago we've met some great teams with projects that they didn't want to take to crowdfunding, and where an investment of up to $250,000 would have really helped them get to launch in the best shape," said project lead Phil Elliott. "So we'll be exploring options with teams over the course of the year as we continue to look for new ways to support new talent coming into the industry."

In addition to the new funding options, the project is also expanding to include digital console games and mobile pitches, as well as the PC games it's accepted so far.

Around 40 pitches have already gone public on the platform's home page, raising a total of $300,000 for the teams involved. IP control of all projects remains with their creators.