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Molyneux on Godus: "I made some horrendous mistakes"

Blames inexperience with Kickstarter, mobile and Steam Early Access

Outspoken developer Peter Molyneux has chosen to answer the concerns of Kickstarter backers directly in a new video, where he accepts the blame for some of the issues the game has faced and points to a lack of experience as to one of the reasons behind it.

"Firstly I don't think the community can ever be at blame," he said, responding to a comment from a vexed Godus fan.

"I'd never done a Kickstarter campaign before, I had never released on Steam Early Access before, I'd never done a mobile game before"

"I think we need to appreciate all the range of comments from the positive to the negative. I do however take blame and put blame on my shoulders. I think - and hindsight is always a perfect way of looking at life - you can look back in the past and think why did I do this? But there is a catalogue of things that I did badly and incorrectly because I'd never done a Kickstarter campaign before, I had never released on Steam Early Access before, I'd never done a mobile game before and all of these things... I made some horrendous mistakes."

He said the company was paying for those mistakes in the amount of time it was taking to turn the game into what it was intended to be.

"This team here relies on me for direction and when I give them direction and it's a mistake - like for example we should have taken the PC version much further on before doing the mobile version."

Molyneux recently announced he was working on a new game, The Trail, but refused to talk about it in the video on the basis that that was one of the mistakes he's made in the past. He asked backers to "please continue to be harsh" and gave out his personal email in order for gamers to send him their frustrations directly.

The full 22cans video can be seen below, in which Molyneux is joined by designer Konrad Naszynski.

Godus was successfully funded in December 2012, raising £526,563 from 17,184 backers. It was released on Steam Early Access in September 2013.

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