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Manticore Games to give Core users 50% of revenue from their creations

Company claims new Perks monetisation system offers larger share than any other user-generated content platform

Manticore Games has launched a new monetisation system to its games creation platform Core, giving creators half the revenue their content generates.

The new system, labelled Perks, lets users choose how their game can be monetised, whether it's through premium sales or subscriptions, down to in-app purchases -- cosmetic or otherwise -- and the sale of passes or other forms of membership.

For each sale creators make, they will receive 50% of the revenue, with the rest going to Manticore.

Co-founder and CEO Frederic Descamps says this is more than any other user-generated content platform -- including the likes of YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Roblox, which he says cap at 24.5%.

"Top influencers earn a lot of money for their work on those platforms," Descamps wrote in a blog post, "and there's no reason talented game makers shouldn't be amply rewarded for their efforts."

Core enables players to not only make games from scratch. but also publish and market them, and even run multiplayer servers.

Back in September, Manticore Games raised $15 million in a funding round led by Epic Games.

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