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Raspberry Pi reaches 2 million sold

Innovative device passes milestone several months ahead of schedule

The innovative, credit-card size computer Raspberry Pi has now sold 2 million units.

The Raspberry Pi was created with a goal of promoting computer science education across the world. The Raspberry Pi Foundation began taking orders at the end of February, 2012, and had sold 1 million units "almost exactly" a year later.

Now, substantially less than one year after that, the device has reached 2 million sold.

"We calculated that we might, if we were lucky, reach the second million around January 2014, or slightly afterwards - we were confident we'd get there by the end of February 2014," a post on the Raspberry Pi blog stated. "So it was a bit of a shock at the end of last week when we got the latest sales figures and discovered that the 2,000,000th Raspberry Pi was sold in the last week of October.

"We don't know who owns it - if you bought one between October 24 and October 31st, it might be yours."

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