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Sony launching PlayStation 4 with New York event

Sony launch event offers fans another chance to play and buy PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 hits the US this Friday and the company is looking to kick off the occasion in high style. Starting today, Sony will be holding festivities at the The Standard, High Line hotel (pictured) in New York. These festivities will include an arcade where fans can play PlayStation 4 games and ad-hoc gaming sessions around the hotel with developers demo-ing their own games.

Sony will be selling a limited number of PlayStation 4 units at the event, giving fans who missed the pre-order period a chance to get in on the action.

The launch festivities will conclude on Thursday at 11pm with a live Spike TV broadcast leading into the midnight launch. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House and Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton will be in attendance.

GamesIndustry International will be on-scene at The Standard to bring you live coverage tomorrow. Update: Check out our live coverage here!

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