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PlayStation Access moves to Yogscast

"We're not planning any changes to our content"

Sony's community brand PlayStation Access has changed hands, swapping Future Publishing for Yogscast but retaining its original team.

"It's a great move for everybody," said Nathan Ditum, editor of PlayStation Access.

"It was important to us that the team stayed together - I'm thrilled to still be working with Rob [Pearson] and Dave [Jackson], whose incredible work has driven our success this year, and with Hollie who's been an absolute revelation at PlayStation. I should also mention Ian Vinten - partly because he's a big reason that working with Sony continues to be so enjoyable, and also because last time I gave a quote I didn't and he sent me a stern tweet about it."

"Yogscast is a very exciting place to be. We're not planning any changes to our content, but we're obviously keen to learn as much from them as we can, and to share our expertise with them too."

PlayStation Access creates editorial and video content around the Sony brand, and currently has around 146,106 subscribers on YouTube and 44,309 followers on Twitter. Its recent post featuring the new Sony "For The Players" advert attracted over 3 million viewers.

Yogscast was founded in 2008 and has evolved into a network of media products including video, podcasts and is even at work on a game, Yogventures.

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