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Watch: CCP Games' Hilmar Petursson at GameHorizon

The story of a studio, from virtual worlds to virtual reality

CCP Games' Hilmar Petursson last spoke at GameHorizon in 2011, during what he describes as "turbulent times" for the company. Since then, the Icelandic studio responsible for EVE Online has both grown and diversified its portfolio of products, even if it isn't entirely free of the kind of turbulence it felt three years ago.

Nevertheless, CCP remains one of the most surprising and progressive companies in the industry, always guided but its ambitious mission statement: "to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life." Indeed, the sort of devotion and drama EVE Online inspires in its players would suggest that it has already achieved that ideal, but CCP is far from finished. With EVE: Valkyrie, created by a team in GameHorizon's home city of Newcastle, CCP is taking its virtual world into virtual reality.

In this talk, Petursson explains CCP's trajectory, from the early days of EVE Online to what lies ahead.

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