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Watch_Dogs storms to UK number one

Mario Kart 8 takes second place as Wolfenstein slips to third

Watch_Dogs, which Ubisoft has said is its fastest-selling title ever, has taken the top spot in this week's UK retail chart, pushing the well-received Mario Kart 8 into second place on its debut.

Last week's number one, Wolfenstein: New Order, is in third this week, as perennial favourite FIFA comes fourth. Minecraft sees another two entries with its PS3 and 360 SKUs charting in the top ten.

  • 1. Watch Dogs
  • 2. Mario Kart 8
  • 3. Wolfenstein
  • 4. FIFA 14
  • 5. Minecraft PS3
  • 6. World Cup
  • 7. Titanfall
  • 8. Minecraft 360
  • 9. COD Ghosts
  • 10. Lego Movie

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