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Watch John Carmack's GDC session in full

The Dawn of Mobile VR from the Oculus VR CTO

Virtual reality was the technology most anticipated, discussed and admired at the Game Developers Conference this year, and one of the stand out keynotes was Oculus VR's CTO John Carmack and 'The Dawn Of Mobile VR.'

During the session Carmack speaks about how mobile VR makes the medium more accessible, even if games aren't their first priority.

"We're going to be surprised about how many people we wouldn't expect to care about virtual reality end up picking this up - and they may come for different things - but they'll find games there. I firmly believe that mobile is an important direction."

And the good news is that if you weren't able to attend the conference or the talk you can see it in full just below. We'll have more on our impressions on the VR at the show next week.

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