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Valve Vive will have "slightly higher price point"

HTC head of marketing Jeff Gattis hints at premium price for VR headset

HTC, the partner for Valve's Vive virtual reality headset, has suggested that the market can expect a premium price for the product when it hits the shelves.

"We want to deliver the most premium VR experience the world has seen. That's not marketing speak, but more about where Vive is positioned in the market. This is at the high end," Jeff Gatiss, executive director of global marketing, told MCV.

"Starting with the premium experience, even if it has a slightly higher price point, is the right thing to do"

"Starting with the premium experience, even if it has a slightly higher price point, is the right thing to do from a strategic point of view. The price can always come down as the market grows. We know there is some pent up demand there, so there's not so much price sensitivity early on. But to get the broader consumer adoption we're all hoping for, the industry will have to drive price down to make it more accessible."

None of the three main players in the VR space, Oculus VR, Valve and HTC, have actually announced an official retail price for their products as yet.

The interview also featured a response from UK retailer GAME.

"The biggest challenge that we foresee is how accessible the new technology will be to mass-market customers, both due to the expertise required to use it and price of entry," said Charlotte Knight, category director at GAME.

"At GAME we will be leveraging our store base and knowledgeable staff to demonstrate and guide customers on this exciting new technology. We will also have several compelling trade in offers to make VR affordable for every customer."

Valve's Vive was the hit of this year's GDC, prompting positive editorial and excitement among developers.

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