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Raptr creates new suite of tools for Intel gamers

"Intel and Raptr share a common goal of making the PC gaming experience simple and fun"

PC gaming service Raptr and hardware specialist Intel have collaborated to create a set of tools specifically to PC gamers using Intel products.

"As the leading supplier of graphics to the PC market, Intel is excited to partner with Raptr to bring their best-in-class optimization technology to our users," said Intel Corporate VP Navin Shenoy and GM of Mobility Client Platforms.

"Intel and Raptr share a common goal of making the PC gaming experience simple and fun for as many users as possible."

It's a significant partnership for Raptr and offers benefits for the more than half a billion PCs that include Intel Graphics technology released in the past three years. Raptr recently collated data that showed almost 90 per cent of gamers with PCs aren't using optimum performance settings.

"Our relationship with Intel brings us the resources and expertise to fulfill our vision of providing every PC gamer with the simplest way to have a fast, beautiful, hassle-free gaming experience," added Raptr CEO Dennis Fong.

"This collaboration also increases our development, distribution and marketing capabilities and gives us the opportunity to expand both our user base and the services we deliver to them."

Raptr was founded in 2007 by Dennis Fong and is backed by Accel Partners, Founder's Fund, DAG Ventures and Tenaya Capital. Last month the company was forced to alert users that it had been targeted by hackers.

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