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SOE Player Studio user earns $100,000

Sony Online Entertainment's player-generated content initiative yields impressive results

A user of Sony Online Entertainment's Player Studio has reached $100,000 in revenue from their creations.

Speaking on an episode of Game Talk Live, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley confirmed that one unnamed user of Player Studio had recently reached the milestone - little more than 18 months after the initiative debuted.

Player Studio is the name for a suite of tools and templates with which users can create items for sale on the SOE marketplace. At present, only EverQuest, EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2 support Play Studio items but, if approved by SOE, the user receives 40 per cent of each item's net sales.

Player Studio is part of a larger move towards player-generated content across the entire studio, exemplified by EverQuest Next.

"We've learned that great content really does sell, and our players can actually make better stuff than us," Smedley told GamesIndustry International in August last year. "So our goal here is to set it up so our players can make money just like we can with this ecosystem we want to build. What we've learned is that it really does work."

So far, Player Studio has only been available in the US, but it will expand its reach to the UK, Germany and France in May.

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