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Amazon launches Fire TV for $99

Android-based media streaming box available now, features original games, quad-core processor, dedicated GPU

Amazon is making its long-awaited entry into the gaming industry. The online retailer today announced Amazon Fire TV, a new Android-based media streaming box that will also allow users to play a variety of games.

The device will begin shipping today at a $99 price point, with an optional $40 console-like controller also available. Those who don't want the controller will be able to play games using the packed-in remote control, or a custom smartphone app that Amazon will launch next month. The system also supports local multiplayer, with up to 7 remotes and game controllers able to be connected at any one time.

Amazon has said the average price of a paid Fire TV game is $1.85, but added there are more than 1,000 free-to-play games for the platform. As for the hardware, the company is touting the Fire TV as three times more powerful than Apple TV or Roku, with a quad-core processor, dedicated GPU, and 2GB of memory.

As for what games will be available, Amazon has more than 100 available for launch, with thousands more on the way. Leading the way are Amazon's internally developed sci-fi third-person shooter Sev Zero, as well as third-party efforts like Mojang's Minecraft - Pocket Edition and Gameloft's Asphalt 8. The company also said it will have software support from Disney, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and more.

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