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Mobile game streaming platform Hatch releases in Nordic countries, UK and Ireland

5G cloud gaming service remains free with ads for now - Hatch Premium subscription offering planned for Q1 201

Hatch, the 5G gaming app streaming a complete collection of high quality, premium games as easily as video or music, has completed its open beta and is available now for Android users via Google Play in the Nordic countries, UK and Ireland.

For now, the service remains free with integrated advertising. As the next step, in Q1 2019 Hatch will begin piloting Hatch Premium, a paid subscription that removes ads and offers additional content and features.

On Hatch, users can play more than 100 full-featured games instantly, with no downloads, installation or fuss.

All games in the curated Hatch collection - from arcade classics like Pac-Man CE DX and Space Invaders Infinity Gene to modern masterpieces like Monument Valley and Hitman GO - are high quality premium experiences, with no in-app purchases.

Furthermore, even single player games can be played together, as users pass controls and voice chat while playing live.

"Hatch is made for 5G, but over the past year we have been battle-testing the service in open beta over existing wifi and 4G networks," explains Juhani Honkala, founder and CEO of Hatch.

"The technical performance is now good enough in these first markets to offer Hatch to early adopters.

"As 5G is rolled out on aggressive timetables from 2019, the Hatch experience will get even richer. We are well placed to be the first to deliver on cloud gaming's ultimate promise: great, console-quality games and new entertainment experiences on any screen, at any time."

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