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Mujo Games wins £25,000 Tranzfuser competition

UK Games Fund's competition winnings to fund development of rhythm game Yellow Rock Road

Mujo Games, a budding development studio made up of graduate students from York, is the winner of this year's Tranzfuser game development competition. The team will receive up to £25,000 to fund the remainder of development on their rhythm game, Yellow Rock Road.

Tranzfuser is a UK government-funded video game development competition. This past summer, 17 finalists were given £5,000 to work on playable demos of their game pitches, which were then shown at EGX and judged to win the competition. Tranzfuser is supported by the UK Games Fund, which since its inception in 2016 has assisted 250 graduates and over 90 companies in creating games in the UK.

"Winning Tranzfuser has opened so many opportunities for our team, and we really hope to make the most of them. We are all incredibly excited to find out what the future holds," said Joni Levinkind, Mujo Games' lead programmer. "All of our team members have gained a range of skills from game development to management, marketing, and financial planning. We have learnt so much and feel more confident in our ability to succeed as independent developers within the games industry."

Mujo Games is made up of Levinkind, along with programmer Pedro Custodio, designer Fynn Levy, and artist Emma Levin. The group will work toward completing Yellow Rock Road (and, eventually, other future projects) by using the funds to hire others to assist in development and obtain software licenses.

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