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Discord acquires Blitz Esports, closes content platform

Eight editorial team members let go in transition, League of Legends app to continue under new owner

Blitz Esports has announced today it has been acquired by Discord to help further the platform's expansion as game store and subscription service. As part of the acquisition, the Blitz Esports platform will end.

Content production at Blitz Esports both video and written will conclude this week, though for the time being the existing content will remain browsable on YouTube and the publication's website. Meanwhile, the company's League of Legends companion app will continue uninterrupted under new, yet-to-be-announced ownership.

Though some of the Blitz Esports team will join Discord to work on its platform, eight members of its editorial team (four in video, four writer-producers) have been let go.

"We met the folks at Discord, who shared our love for gaming and whose passion for improving gamers' lives mirrored our own," reads a Medium post from the Blitz team announcing the acquisition. "A few conversations later, it became evident that, with their ubiquitous chat platform and ambitious plans to level up how people play games, Discord had the vision and resources available for us to make an even bigger impact for the community. Although saying goodbye to Blitz is bittersweet, joining Discord is a leap forward in achieving our shared goal to improve gaming experiences."

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