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Devcom Developer Conference 2022 pulls in a record 3,500 participants

Europe's biggest games industry event taking place in Germany beat out its 2019 attendee numbers

This year's devcom Developer Conference saw more than 3,500 participants, a new attendee milestone for the Cologne, Germany event.

Devcom said that on site, the European games industry event saw an increase of 10% compared to 2019.

The conference saw more than 120 lectures by over 180 speakers on the floor during the three day period.

"We are overwhelmed by the high number of participants in our first fully hybrid devcom Developer Conference," said devcom managing director Stephan Reichart.

"...The talks & panels were well received by viewers all over the world and on site - and therefore our very special thanks go to all the wonderful people who shared their knowledge for us and with us."

Alongside Devcom was Gamescom, which was home to multiple presentations dedicated to showcasing games such as Opening Night Live, the Future Games Show, and the Awesome Indie Showcase.

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