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TinyBuild acquires Bossa Studios IPs for $3m

Includes Surgeon Simulator, I am Fish and I am Bread, with TinyBuild also acquiring Russian studio Konfa Games for $5.4m

TinyBuild has acquired Bossa Studios' IPs, including Surgeon Simulator, I am Fish and I am Bread. The deal "includes an upfront payment of $3 million," the publisher said.

Going forward, TinyBuild will be the developer working on these IPs, while Bossa focuses on other projects.

Bossa co-founder Henrique Olifiers explained: "Since early 2022, Bossa has been focused exclusively in the genre of co-op PvE. We have been prototyping a lot, and now find ourselves in full production of titles we are pouring our hearts and souls into.

"This brought us to the question of how best to take care of our legacy, our existing games, and how to ensure they have a future of their own. Together with TinyBuild, we found a path that allows Bossa to dedicate its full attention to its new projects, while ensuring Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and I Am Fish have a new home that understands what makes these games tick as well as we do."

The announcement said that Bossa franchises have made $6 million in revenue in 2021.

TinyBuild also announced the acquisition of Russian studio Konfa Games, developer of Despotism 3k and of upcoming title Despot’s Game, for $5.4 million. The team will be joining TinyBuild's studio in Belgrad, Serbia.

Earlier this year, TinyBuild published its first financial results post-IPO, reporting $52.2 million in revenue for 2021, a 39% increase from 2020.

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