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Xbox mobile store to launch this summer

Storefront to launch with first-party titles such as Candy Crush and Minecraft

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox mobile storefront will launch in July 2024.

Xbox president Sarah Bond revealed the news at the Bloomberg Technology Summit on Thursday, during which she shared that the store will only be available on the web to begin with to rival mobile storefronts such as Apple and Google Play.

"We're doing that because that really allows us to have it be an experience that's accessible across all devices, all countries, no matter what, independent of the policies of closed ecosystem stores," said Bond. "And then we're going to extend from there."

Microsoft's first-party content will be made available first, including titles such as Candy Crush and Minecraft.

Titles by unknown partners will follow, but there is currently no specific date as to when users can expect them.

Bond clarified that the intention for the Xbox mobile store, which was announced last October, is for the firm to "facilitate gaming across consoles, computers, and mobile devices."

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