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Bungie wins lawsuit against AimJunkies

The Destiny developer was awarded $63,210 in damages

Bungie has won its lawsuit against cheats provider AimJunkies.

As reported by GameFile's Stephen Totilo on social media, the Destiny developer was awarded $63,210 in damages, with the jury agreeing that the cheats did infringe on Bungie's copyright.

The founder of AimJunkies' parent company Phoenix Digital, David Schaefer, plans to make a move to have the verdict dismissed, and appeal if that's unsuccessful, Totilo further reported.

Bungie's lawyer James Barker commented: "We are grateful for the diligence, professionalism, and care exercised by the judge, his staff, and the jury. We're committed to our players and will continue to protect them against cheats, including taking this and future cases all the way to trial."

The case between Bungie and AimJunkies has been going on for a few years. In 2022, Bungie's initial copyright infringement claim was dismissed, as it failed to prove how the cheat seller infringed on its trademarks.

The case moved forward, with Phoenix Digital issuing several subpoenas later that year, claiming that someone at Bungie violated AimJunkies' terms of service by purchasing the software and giving it to their employer.

A judge denied AimJunkies' request to dismiss Bungie's lawsuit soon after, and Phoenix Digital ended up counter-suing. The countersuit was dismissed in November 2022, and Bungie won $4.3 million in arbitration in February 2023.

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