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ZeniMax staff now included in Microsoft and CWA's labour neutrality agreement

Microsoft is now legally bound to take a neutral approach to the unionisation of employees at ZeniMax

ZeniMax Studios workers are now covered by Microsoft's labour neutrality agreement with the Communications Workers of America.

The CWA announced yesterday that, as a result, all ZeniMax staff can now make their choice about collective bargaining, with Microsoft legally bound to take a neutral approach to the unionisation of its staff.

ZeniMax Workers United-CWA member Page Branson commented: "Thousands of our ZeniMax co-workers now have a free and fair path to organise together for better working conditions. When we organised our union under a similar legal agreement the process was clear and management did not try to influence anyone’s decision and the company did not try to interfere with the voting process.

"There is strength in numbers, and as our numbers grow at ZeniMax, at Microsoft, and in the video game industry, we will gain the respect we deserve and raise the standards of working conditions for everyone across the video gaming industry. When we benefit, the consumer and the company will ultimately benefit with us and help keep this industry stable for current and future workers."

This news comes less than a month after Microsoft closed four ZeniMax-owned studios, including US-based Arkane Austin.

Microsoft and CWA entered a labour neutrality agreement in July 2022 as the Activision Blizzard acquisition was pending. Microsoft reiterated its commitment after the deal closed, saying in October 2023 that it remained "steadfast in [its] support of current and future employees in whatever choice they make about their workplace and their representatives."

Zenimax QA workers unionised in January 2023, with a majority of 300 QA developers across Zenimax's US operations voting in favour of the creation of Zenimax Workers United.

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