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Microsoft to integrate AI into games

The tech giant showcased its artificial intelligence feature within Minecraft

Microsoft has revealed that its AI technology will be integrated into video games.

As reported by Windows Central, first spotted by KTLA tech reporter Rich DeMuro, its Copilot program was implemented into Minecraft.

The demonstration, which took place during the Microsoft Surface and Windows AI event, showed off the feature as a user guide. It provided details on making an item within the game and advised the player what materials were needed.

Microsoft's Copilot program is an AI chatbot program that was developed and launched in 2023.

It's unknown when the tech firm will roll out the functionality in Minecraft to the public and when it will be added to other titles.

In January 2023, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company aims to incorporate artificial intelligence into all its products.

During this year's DICE in February, Xbox's Haiyan Zhang discussed AI's influence on gaming.

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