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London Games Festival 2024 gathered over 100,000 people

Event already set for a 2025 edition next April

Over 100,000 people attended the 9th edition of the London Games Festival.

The event ran from April 9 to April 25, and saw participation from more than 4,100 games professionals, the organisers said. 900 games companies were involved, representing 41 countries.

Across publishing deals, investments, sales, and more, the organisers estimated that around £30 million was generated out of the event for the companies involved.

The London Games Festival featured 37 events, and will be returning in 2025 from April 2 to April 13.

Head of Games London and director of the London Games Festival Michael French commented: "This is not just a well-attended city-wide celebration but a festival that gives tangible value back to the community in terms of connections, games sales, and publishing deals – as shown with our highest yet recorded business impact pipeline, worth over £30 million.

"Games are currently at their most culturally potent but the industry that makes them is facing various challenges – so it's more important than ever to provide a place where fans can enjoy new games and professionals can have meaningful business connections, all underpinned with helping businesses remain competitive and sustainable."

As part of the London Games Festival, Ensemble is an exhibition that showcases the work of underrepresented games professionals working in the UK. The 2024 cohort featured eight people, and we talked to Rafif Kalantan about her mission to champion MENA and SWANA devs.

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