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Xbox players have issued 27.44m reports in H2

New transparency report says 10.31 million enforcements were issued to the offending users during that time

Microsoft released its newest and fourth Xbox Transparency Report, providing details on how it is combating harassment conduct and content on its gaming platform.

From the six months that ended December 31, 2023, Xbox users issued 27.44 million reports.

When broken down, most user reports were 12.74 million (47%) regarding communication with others. 11.34 million (41%) of that figure involved unsportsmanlike conduct such as cheating. Meanwhile, 3.36 million (12%) reports were related to user-generated content such as gamertags or uploaded screenshots.

During the H2 2023 period, 10.31 million enforcements were issued to the offending players. Xbox says that actions often resulted in removing the offending content and issuing the account holder a suspension.

It defines moderation as proactive and reactive enforcement. Proactive moderation involves technologies and processes that can manage an issue before a user reports it. Reactive moderation, meanwhile, involves a player reporting a guideline violation that has taken place.

Cheating and inauthentic accounts were the largest areas of concern as it amassed 7.32 million proactive enforcements.

"Dealing with inappropriate conduct and content before it is reported to us by players is an important element to creating a healthy and competitive gaming environment," it said.

Additionally, since its implementation, the Xbox voice reporting feature has captured 138,000 recordings. The report said that 98% of users who received a strike showed better behavior and did not receive more enforcement.

Xbox also reported 674 reports to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and 2,076 referrals to Crisis Text Line.

179,000 players appealed against the suspension of their accounts, but only 7% were successful.

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