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Relic Entertainment partners with investment firm

Studio has secured funding to remain independent

Relic Entertainment has partnered with UK-based investment firm Emona Capital to become fully independent after being sold by Sega in March.

As reported by Game Developer, the studio has secured funding to stay independent through Emona Capital.

The investment firm will support the developer's current portfolio and will assist in creating partnerships with other publishers.

"We see a huge opportunity to unleash Relic's creative potential as an independent studio," said Relic CEO Justin Dowdeswell. "The talent, technology, and track record we have built over the years are an amazing starting point for us on this next chapter."

A week after its sale from Sega, the studio was hit with a wave of redundancies in which 41 people were laid off.

Relic formed in 1997, and was acquired by Sega in 2013 following the bankruptcy of its previous owner THQ.

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