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Game Workers Unite Montreal and CSN join together to improve labor practices

The organizations aim to create a province-wide union in the Quebec games sector

Game Workers Unite Montreal has teamed up with Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN) for better labor conditions.

As reported by Polygon, the video game professionals cohort aims to become a province-wide union for Quebec-based employees.

The publication noted that Game Workers Unite Montreal has operated as a worker's organization for years, but it was not a union.

Now that it's partnered with the CSN, employees can join unions tied to their place of employment.

"Union members will be able to collectively decide on which demands rally around, all while guaranteeing autonomy to its local components," said CSN president Caroline Senneville.

"A province-wide union gives a greater balance of power to the workers as they form a bigger group. This will benefit all, but especially small studios."

Game Workers Unite Montreal and the CSN's goals include better job security, creative freedom, and a discrimination-free work environment.

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