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Warner Bros. transferring ownership of titles under Adult Swim Games label back to some devs

The move comes months after the firm said it was delisting titles from the publishing division

Warner Bros. Discovery is returning ownership of some titles from Adult Swim Games back to developers.

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, this was spotted as Owen Deery, developer of Small Radios Big Televisions, shared the news on social media.

"Update: Game will not be 'retired'. Ownership and store listings will return to me," they said.

Landon Podbielski, the maker behind Duck Game and Super Mega Team said they also received notice of ownership returning to them.

The Adult Swim Games label was established in 2005, and in March of this year, developers were informed that their games were being delisted from digital stores.

At the time, Warner Bros. told game maker Matt Lewandowski of Team2Bit that title ownership could not be transferred due to "logistical and resource constraints."

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