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UK passes DMA-like bill that could force Apple to allow other games stores on iOS

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill would also enable sideloading third-party apps on mobile platforms

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill has been passed by UK Parliament, which could force platform holders such as Apple and Google to allow the Epic Games Store on its devices.

The DMCC Bill was put through on Thursday following the announcement of a general election set for July 4.

As reported by VGC, parts of the DMCC Bill contain sections established in the EU's Digital Markets Act passed in November 2022, which would force platform holders to allow users to sideload third-party apps and software onto devices. This also opens up the possibility of alternative marketplaces on these platforms.

Back in January, Apple announced changes that would allow alternative app stores and payments on iOS in compliance with the DMA.

By March, Apple, Google and Meta were already under investigation by the EU for potential violations of the DMA.

Epic Games is in the process of developing a mobile version of its storefront for Apple's App Store, as reported by Eurogamer, which will launch on iOS sometime this year and will be operated by Epic Games Sweden.

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