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An E3 that happened | Podcast

The team shares its biggest takeaways and personal picks from last week's multitude of game events

The team gather around this mics to reflect on this year's E3 (and all the other adjacent events).

Rather than go through the announcements individually -- we collated all the biggest reveals and release dates on the site -- we insted each choose a trend, topic or announcement we found interesting from an industry perspective.

We also select the titles we are personally most looking forward to out of the hundreds tht were unveiled and showcased last week.

You can listen to our latest episode in the player above, subscribe to our directly here. It is also available via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms.

Title music composed by Thomas Marchant.

If you haven't already, check the podcast feed for our GI at E3 Newscasts, where we delved deeper into each showcase with the help of industry guests. You can also find the original video versions of this series on our YouTube channel.

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