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Collection features over 1,000 games from independent developers

An bundle to help raise money for humanitarian relief in Palestine has launched.

The Indie Bundle For Palestinian Aid has been put together by Toadhouse Games founder Alanna Linayre and contains over 1000 games, alongside development tools, assets, soundtracks and more.

One title spotlighted in the bundle is Liyla And The Shadows Of War, a game made by Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh. The game follows the path of a young girl living in war-torn Gaza.

As of writing, the bundle has raised over $392,000, hitting 78% of its total goal of $500,000. Over 42,000 people have contributed to the fundraiser so far.

The profits raised will go towards the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organisation providing food assistance and emergency health protection for Palestinians during ongoing conflict in the state.

The bundle costs $5 and is available to purchase on until Friday, June 11.

For more information on the Israel-Palestine conflict and ways to help, has compiled a list of initiatives here.

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