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Breath of the Wild sequel closes E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, "aiming for" 2022 launch

The platform holder also unveiled new entries in the Metroid and WarioWare franchises, as well as a remasters of the first two Advance Wars

During its E3 2021 Direct showcase, Nintendo finally announced a release window for the highly awaited sequel to 2017's hit Breath of the Wild, alongside some new footage for the title.

The platform holder said it was "aiming for" a 2022 release, with the video showing that the setting will be expanded to the skies above Hyrule.

In other Zelda news, Hyrule Warriors is getting its first DLC -- a first wave of content will be coming to Switch on June 18 and then another one in November 2021. And to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the franchise, Nintendo will be releasing a Game & Watch system dedicated to Zelda, featuring the original Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, and the Game Boy version of Link's Awakening.

Nintendo also unveiled a new entry in the Metroid franchise, Metroid Dread, a 2D platformer due to release on August 10.

Metroid Dread was the name of a previously cancelled Metroid title that was due to release on the DS in 2006. The platform holder also clarified that it was still working on the previously announced Metroid Prime 4, for which development was rebooted in 2019 following an announcement at E3 2017.

A new entry in cult franchise WarioWare was also unveiled, coming to Switch on September 10. Called Get it Together, it will feature a two player co-op mode.

Turn-based strategy classics Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising will also be making their way to Switch on December 3 in the form of a remastered collection, with a brand new visual style, under the name Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp.

For the 20th anniversary of Sega's Super Monkey Ball, Nintendo also unveiled a collection of remasters of the original three Super Monkey Ball games, called Banana Mania and releasing on October 5.

Finally, a collection of 100 mini games from across the Mario Party catalogue will be available on Switch on October 29 under the name Mario Party Superstars.

Among the other announcements, Atlus' Shin Megamei Tensei V, originally unveiled in 2017, finally got a release date of November 12, and Tekken's Kazuya -- and his evil alter ego Devil Kazuya -- is coming to the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

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