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Coffee Talk studio launches fund for Southeast Asian developers

Toge Game Fund Initiative to provide financial support, mentorship, consultation, and project management

Toge Productions, the Indonesian developer of Coffee Talk has announced the launch of the Toge Game Fund Initiative, which will support Southeast Asian game developers.

Southeast Asian-based developers will be able to pitch games to the publisher and receive up to $10,000 in funding.

Alongside financial support, the fund will also provide mentorship, consultation and project management to assist with the creation of prototypes or minimum viable products.

Developers will retain ownership of the IP for all supported projects, but Toge will have right of first refusal to sign those projects to a publishing deal.

"In order to help marginalized and underrepresented game developers of Southeast Asia turn their game ideas into reality, we want to provide a safety net for you to experiment and iterate," the company said on Twitter.

The company said that the Toge Game Fund Initiative has no deadline and developers will be able to apply at any time.

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