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Sony is supportive of cross-platform play on PlayStation

“We support and encourage cross-play,” says Jim Ryan

Sony is moving to accommodate more cross-platform functionality on PlayStation.

That's according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, who expressed the sentiment in a recent interview with Axios.

"We support and encourage cross-play," Ryan said, nodding towards titles that already implement the feature -- such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft and Call of Duty -- as well as titles expecting a cross-play update, such as Destiny 2.

Ryan also assured that the "number will continue to grow."

Sony has previously found itself under criticism for its approach to crossplay. One instance of this surfaced recently during May's Epic vs Apple antitrust trial, where it was revealed that Sony asks companies for compensation should they want to enable crossplay in games.

Another example of Sony's historic crossplay reticence popped up last month; Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford shared that crossplay functionality will not be coming to the PlayStation version of Borderlands 3.

Sony also initially blocked cross-play for aforementioned titles Rocket League and Minecraft back in 2017, but eventually relented following a "comprehensive evaluation process".

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