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Brain Workout - Brain Muscles And Little Fish!

Portsmouth, UK - 16th August 2006 - Oak Systems Leisure Software have released their BRAIN WORKOUT for PC. Brain Workout has 15 mentally stimulating activities to exercise the mind and help improve concentration and memory. Users have their own exercise programme in the gym and can track their progress in the categories; verbal, logic, spatial, numerical and memory. There are 5 levels of difficulty to work through in Daily Test or Practice Mode. There are also multiple player profiles and changeable skins. The 15 exercises are reading, spelling, word search, colour tiles, sudoku, 4 colour problem, colour matching, fold the cube, mental arithmetic, number sequence, follow the leader, matching pairs, memory grid and the aptly named "Connexagon".

Oak's last major game release was "Sudoku Works", which sold well over ¼ million copies worldwide under their own label and those of its various publishers. They are proud to say they developed the first Sudoku PC game sold retail in Japan, but the partnership, who escaped corporate "mid-life" to make games, haven't let it go to their heads and know they are still very little fish in a very big pond.

Some retail deals are already in place for versions of the new game, Brain Workout, in Australia and some European countries, but Oak are still holding out for the right deal for the US market to come along so they can be little fish across the pond too.

Brain Workout is available from today £9.95 ($18.95). A free trial download is available from

For further information about Oak Systems Leisure Software please go to



Dave Walker

Managing Director

Oak Systems Leisure Software

44 02392 861254

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