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Eidos creative boss forms new studio

Eidos' design director Patrick O'Luanaigh - who has overseen the creative side of the development of recent instalments in key franchises such as Tomb Raider and Hitman - is to leave the publisher to set up his own development studio.

O'Luanaigh, who was the creative boss of SCi prior to its acquisition of Eidos last year, will now be heading up new independent start-up nDreams Ltd. He announced the new venture at the end of a speech at the Games Convention Developers Conference in Leipzig earlier this week.

No details have yet been announced regarding nDreams' intentions as a studio, but O'Luanaigh did hint that the firm would be focusing on improving the quality of storytelling in games - telling the audience in Leipzig that he views nDreams as an opportunity to put into practice many of the storytelling-related ideas which he had explored in his talk.

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