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METRO 2033: The Last Refuge

(Working Title)

Genre: 3D Action-oriented horror/action/survival FPS with elements of RPG

Lead: Hi-End PC and PS3

Release: 4Q 2008

Official web-site:

«4A-Games» company is glad to present its new project - the 3D Action-oriented horror/action/survival FPS with elements RPG genre game, with working name «METRO 2033. The Last Refuge».

Year 2033. Horrible Post-Apocalyptic world of 40000 people. They have been living in metro of a big ex-USSR city - Moscow, for 20 terrible years. Nuclear war destroyed their homeland. These people are the last representatives of mankind - human cycle of evolution nears its end, new species (very ugly) appear on the surface of the Earth and deep inside of metro. Some people inside the metro still remember happy years before THAT DAY and they still believe that one day they will return up to the surface. What's present is a very heavy psychological atmosphere: small children who will never see sky, old people who still remember the PAST times, and young men and women who fight for their world, for their children. Each station became a country, with its government, army, borders and many other things from the past. Firearms cartridges serve as currency. This small dying world is a precise copy of the past big world. Do these humans have future or we are doomed for extinction? Maybe answers can be found on the surface, or in deep secret military underground laboratories. Who knows?

The basic features of the game:

Location - post-apocalyptic Moscow, the life of humanity gleams in metro (subway) tunnels, and the stations turned into small states with different political regimes. Variety of gameplay styles - possibility to play as a heavy strike fighter, as an inconspicuous killer. A player, who attentively follows the events in the game world, will find out ways to influence the advance of the plot and may reach the non-standard end. Besides the basic plot, there is a variety of non-obligatory tasks. In station-cities it is possible to meet as fighters, as peaceful citizens and the station lives its own life independent from player. The high-level AI empowered to model the NPC behaviour in close combat similar to real people actions. The enemies may conduct simple and aimed fire, avoid line of fire, hide in covers, ambush and attack suddenly, call for help, and mention a character hidden in shadow. A number of various anomalies: gravitation distortion, energy clot (looking at some of which the character may perish), intelligent immaterial images, which punish with death for any aggression at their presence and many other, the role of which will be discovered only before the game release. Ammo-money. Fire off money or be economic, use tactics. Variety of mini games. Unique machinery of new world: trolleys which act as armored personal carriers, weaponry made from remains, with only few abilities compared to originals. Audience:

Key target: 12-40 year-old gamers. The game will be focused on casual gamers with strong replay ability, tactical depths and skill-based action to satisfy hardcore gamers.


The gameplay supports 1st person camera mode.


Multiplayer (up to 32 players) available with various arenas and modes in the multiplayer-only section.

Engine properties:

4A-Engine is a rigorous developer's environment for last generation consoles and PC with DX9-level graphics and higher. It offers a set of the best technologies, "content" creation tools and tested infrastructure.

Innovative visualization technology, based on human visual system (HVS) perception and responce. Gamma-corrected "Deferred Shading" with analytic АА, HDR, tonemapping woth eye adaptation, DOF, and pixel-perfect, velocity preserving motion-blur on a scene with millions of polygons and shading detail. Lighting: only dynamic lighting (including sun and skies), with global-illumination effect, literally thousands of light sources in a single frame, umbra&penumbra - correct soft shadows. Productivity oriented infrastructure: click-and-play levels editing and visual adjustment of gameplay, including plug-ins for popular 3D packages, which allow designer to adjust and to experiment with everything, starting from shaders and ending in physics. AI with Learning, but still easily controlled, which uses motivation graphs and planning, has human similar perception properties, including ability to see light and colour. Performance, memory and content scaling, including graphics, physics and AI. About «4A Games»:

«4A Games» is a computer game development studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. «4A Games» is a company of young professionals who teamed up to found a profoundly new type of structure within the entertainment industry. Our staff is backed by years of experience in software writing and computer games in particular, show business, public affairs.

Computer games and creation of those we perceive as a part of new generation culture which unites, alongside technical innovations such well-established spheres as music, cinema, literature and so on. Game has accompanied mankind throughout its entire history, while the contemporary time, when technologies have firmly grounded in our lives, has marked computer games an integral part of culture. Gaming as contemporary cultural trend is the «4A Games» methodology.

The company's strategic goals include:

Creation of captivating computer and video games

Promotion of computer games as a modern culture product

Escalation of the domestic game development industry

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