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Conspiracy Entertainment

25th August 2006

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce collaboration with Broadsword Interactive Limited, the much respected Britsoft developer, headed by Industry veterans, David Rowe and John Jones-Steele. The initial deal covers two PS2 unique Baja racing titles.

Baja racing originates from the Southern Californian desert on the Baja peninsula. Competitors vie with each other to build the ultimate off-road racer - the better the suspension, tyres and, of course, the obligatory roll cage, the better the chances of winning.

Baja Mania

Baja Mania draws its inspiration from the desert around Palm Springs where Broadsword Interactive collected the reference material for a previous game, Dakar Rally. During their research, Broadsword discovered Baja racing which takes place in the Southern Californian desert. These races attract a great mix of people from kit car builders to film stars like Paul Newman.

In game vehicles include 3 types of dune buggy (4 wheel), 3 types of 'cat' (6 wheel), 3 types of truck (8 wheels) - each vehicle has 3 variants to represent the different teams with races of up to 15 competitors. Baja Mania offers two modes in single player, Career and Arcade and 2 players is Arcade only.

Baja Mania's uniqueness presents aggressive and responsive AI that allows tight competition via checkpoints that must be crossed in order. Players will capture the flags on each checkpoint and display them on their aerial to prove that you were the first through.

3 types of terrain and 3 variants of each, which have totally different courses laid out within them, and this all takes place within an arena of approximately 400 sq. metres.

· Win upgrades to build the toughest off-road machine ever.

· Close competition with tight, competitive racing.

· Plot the quickest route across the open terrain via checkpoints to win.

· Use Nitro Boost to storm past the opposition.

· Spend your winnings on a bewildering array of extras.

· Upgrades are locked and you have to earn cash to be able to access them

· Many arenas in which to race.

Baja Destruction

This is fantasy driving to capture the imagination - Mad Max meets Baja racing.

Its uniqueness is in the fact that the stakes are much higher, the aggression and adrenalin required to complete the race by annihilating the opposition make for total destruction, with an arsenal of weapons and plenty of upgradeables.

Races consist of 15 competitors with 3 different teams for each of the 3 variants within each of the 3 classes. There are 3 types of terrain and 3 variants of each which have totally different courses laid out within them. They take place within an arena of approximately 400 sq. metres.

As well as the vehicle performance upgrades, there are 2 main types of weapon. Each has 3 variations for increasing power and accuracy and variants that go from merely forward firing to auto-targeting (homing).

· Sense the low gravity in the race on the moon!

· Did you get cut up by an opponent? Blast the guy off the planet with a double salvo of rockets.

· It's kill or be killed in a duel to the finish.

· Dodge and weave to avoid the rain of missiles coming your way.

· Patch, repair and upgrade between races.

· Upgrades are locked and you have to earn cash to be able to access them

· Total fantasy racing over varying arenas.

"Broadsword Interactive Limited has won a number of awards for their products and is a growing company with experience and innovative ideas and we hope to continue the association well after the aforementioned titles," Michael Hunt, Conspiracy Entertainment.

"Conspiracy Entertainment Europe appears to be a new company with their finger on the pulse and we are looking forward to working with them hopefully beyond the current two game deal," David Rowe, Joint Managing Director, Broadsword Interactive Limited.

More information on both Baja racing games will follow shortly.

Q4 for releases

For further information on Conspiracy Entertainment Europe titles please contact / Games Press and media

For information on Conspiracy Entertainment Europe contact Michael Hunt /Corporate and acquisitions

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe

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About Conspiracy Entertainment Europe

The UK European office will be autonomous from the company's main HQ in Santa Monica, California, USA,

establishing its own identity, but with a number of goals and objectives mirroring the parent company to further build on the success of Conspiracy Entertainment.

About Broadsword Interactive.

Based in Aberystwyth, Wales, Broadsword Interactive Limited was originally an off-shoot of Broadsword Television but became independent in 1999. Broadsword designs and produces games for PC and consoles. The company was founded in 1995 by industry games veterans David Rowe and John Jones-Steele to develop both new, innovative games as well as conversions of existing titles for, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox360 , GameCube, Wii, DS and PC. Games clients include: Codemasters, Oxygen, System 3, Mastertronic and Mad Catz. Visit the company's website at

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